Presentation Guidelines

Speakers and Presenters Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Duration

Keynote speakers: 20 Minute presentation and 10 Minutes for Q&A

Paper and e-poster presenters: 15 Minute Presentation and 5 Minutes for Q&A

Slide format: Widescreen  – (Aspect Ratio 16:9)

Pre-recorded presentations

Not all presenters have access to a fast internet connection or backup power in the event of power failures. We therefore strongly recommend that presenters pre-record their presentations and forward the recordings to the organiser.  In the event of a loss of connectivity the organiser will have a copy of your presentation. 

Pre-recorded presentations can be forwarded to Renée le Roux at with

Keynote speakers are not obliged to pre-record their presentations. 

Below are presentation recording guidelines, using either PowerPoint or ZOOM.