2020 NACA Conference Programme


Day 1

Monday, 16 November
08:00 - 09:35


Prof Stuart Piketh
NACA President
Opening address

Dr Thuli N. Khumalo
National Air Quality Officer, Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, State of the Air Report 

Dr Chris Dore
Director from Aether Ltd, United Kingdom, Key Considerations in Planning an Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory

Day 2

Tuesday, 17 November
08:00 - 08:40


Ms Cecilia Njenga
Head, UNEP Office In South Africa
Creating Awareness for Better Air Quality in African Cities

Day 3

Wednesday, 18 November
08:00 - 08:40


Dr Yuguang Zhou
Associate Professor of Bioenergy and Environmental Science and Technology Laboratory at the China Agricultural University 
Clean Heating for Residents in Rural Areas in Northern China

Day 4

Thursday, 19 November
08:00 - 08:40


Dr Yvonne Scorgie
 Senior Team Leader / Acting Director, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Australia Air Quality and Health Benefits of Transitioning to Cleaner Energy and Transport: A case study for Greater Sydney, Australia  

Day 5

Friday, 20 November
08:00 - 08:40


Prof. Dr. Milena Horvat, Head of the Department of Environmental Sciences at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Mercury speciation in the atmosphere: are the measurement data comparable?

09:35 - 10:15
State of South African Air

Exceedances Assessment of Criteria Pollutants in a Low- income Community at South Africa Highveld
Joseph Adesina

Challenges Achieving and Maintaining ISO17025 Accreditation for Stack Testing Laboratories – A South African Perspective
Gerald Woollatt

08:40 - 09:20
Air Quality Solutions and Management

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Interventions to Transition Low-Income Households Towards Cleaner Energy Sources on the Mpumalanga Highveld
Bopaki Phogole

Air Quality Governance Instruments in South Africa: A Review
Phathutshedzo Mukwevho

08:40 - 09:40
Emissions and Testing

Coal Pellets as an Alternative Fuel for a Semi-continuous Coal Stove
Coenraad Meyer

Methanol Fuel Stoves as a Clean Technology for Domestic Cooking in South Africa
Tlhomaro Marebane

Experience with Applications of US EPA Method 30B in South Africa
Loren De Koker

08:40 - 10:00
Air Quality and Human Health

Simulated PM2.5 attributable to coal-fired power plants in the Highveld
Patricia-Ann van der Walt

Improving Health Risk Assessments of PM2.5 from Coal-Fired Power Stations
Siyabonga Simelane

The Air We Breathe: Indoor and Ambient Air Quality in South African Low-income Residential Communities
Brigitte Language

Probable Health Risk Assessment of BTEX Concentrations at an International Airport in South Africa
Raeesa Moolla

08:40 - 09:20
Air Quality Solutions and Management

Employing Management Steps Through Air Quality Management Plans: a South African Urban Transportation Perspective
Thehann Van Niekerk

Assessment of Indoor Particulate Matter Concentrations in Coal and Noncoal Reliant Formal and Informal Households in Mpumalanga Highveld
Simon Moletsane

10:15 - 10:45 Break
10:50 - 11:35
State of South African Air

The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter in a Low-income Settlement on the South African Highveld
Simon Moletsane

The State of Air Quality in a Low-income Settlement on the South African Highveld
Lerato Tshisi

Domestic solid waste as a potential source of air pollution in Mahikeng
Vincent Keaiketse

09:20 - 09:55 Break
10:00 - 10:45
Dust and Dust Control

Dustfall in the Vicinity of Gold Tailings Storage Facilities on the East Witwatersrand, South Africa: Seasonal Patterns and Trends
Kerusha Naidoo

Geostatistical techniques applied to local scale air quality assessment: West Wits Basin
Mbalenhle Mpanza

09:40 - 10:10 Break
10:15 - 11:20
Modelling and Data

Computational Modelling of a Laboratory Scale Electrostatic Precipitator: The Effect of Discharge Electrode Geometry and Fly-Ash Composition
Adriaan de Lange

Air Quality Monitoring Data Recovery in Gauteng: Too Little to trend?
Daniel During

Considering the use of AERMOD as a regulatory tool at the intra-urban scale
Prince Chidhindi

10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:35 - 11:15
Atmospheric Research

Soft computing approach to predicting the effect of particulate matter on solar radiation: A case study of Western Cape
Yetunde Olorunfemi

Characterizing the microphysics of fog in relation to CCN along the west-coast of Namibia
Gabriella Khumalo


09:20 - 10:15
Atmospheric Research

Runner’s Exposure to Ambient BTEX Concentrations Along Roadsides: A Case Study in Bedfordview, South Africa
Raeesa Moolla

Classification of Major Aerosol Types and Their Seasonal Variations Over Welgegund, Using Sunphotometer Data
Ruben Leeuwner

Best Poster and Best Paper Awards

11:35 - 14:00
Break &Lunch
10:45 - 14:00
Break & Lunch

Technical Session: Dust and Dust Control

14:00 - 15:00

GCRF Mine Dust and Health Network Technical Session

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15:00 - 17:00

Emissions Workshop

Session 1 of 2

Emissions Offsets in South Africa – Lessons Learnt and Future Possibilities

Workable solutions to air quality problems in South Africa and the role of emissions offsets in South Africa

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11:20 - 14:00
Break & Lunch

ESKOM: Technical Session

14:00 - 15:00

Technical Session Hosted by Eskom: “Discussion of Eskom’s Just Energy Transition Vision and Plans to Get There”

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11:15 - 14:00
Break & Lunch

Emissions Workshop

Session 2 of 2

15:00 - 17:00

Emissions Offsets in South Africa – Lessons Learnt and Future Possibilities

Implementation of offsets in South Africa

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Conference Ends