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Optec Environmental (Pty) Ltd

  • Optec Environmental (Pty) Ltd is your trusted partner in ambient and CEMS air quality monitoring. We supply a full suite of EN and EPA approved air quality monitoring equipment and develop and build our own MCERTS approved particulate monitors.
  • We are the obvious choice for air quality monitoring network supply, maintenance, calibration and repairs.
  • Optec Environmental has 30 years’ experience in environmental, process and mining engineering. We specialize in air and water quality monitoring and have a dynamic team with a mixture of youth and experience and a joint dynamic drive to do everything in our power to keep our customers happy.
  • Our experience and technical knowledge puts us in a position to offer our many years’ experience to the benefit of our customers. This experience bundled with the best possible range of equipment makes us the preferred environmental, process and mining engineering service provider.
  • We have partnered up with global suppliers, scientists and engineers and we have developed our own range of technological products to protect our environment.
  • Our earth is melting away – we have to stop it!


Our Services are Divided into Two Departments: Air Quality & Water Quality.

Our Air Quality Services

  • Design, supply and installation of full compliance ambient air quality monitoring systems complete with integration to the South African Air Quality Information System (SAAQIS)
  • Complete air quality data management and reporting
  • Supply of ambient gas and particulate monitoring equipment
  • Supply of stack emission monitoring and continues emission monitors (CEMS)
  • SANAS compliant maintenance of air quality monitoring stations
  • Repairs to all makes of air quality monitoring equipment
  • Passive sampling for pollution gases
  • Dust fallout sampling
  • Air quality monitoring plans
  • Air quality baseline studies
  • Atmospheric emission license (AEL) applications
  • Aerial air quality surveys

Our Air Quality Products

Ambient gas monitoring equipment

  • Zero air generator with catalytic converter and oxidizer
  • Dilution Calibrator with ozone generator, photometer and permeation oven options
  • Ozone analyzer (O3) EPA approved
  • Carbon Monoxide analyzer (CO) EPA approved
  • Sulphur Dioxide analyzer (SO2) EPA approved
  • Oxides of Nitrogen analyzer (NOx) EPA approved

Ambient particulate monitoring equipment

  • Pm1, pm2.5, pm4, pm10 and TSP particulate monitor EN approved

Dust sampling

  • OPTEC Environmental ASTM D1739 dust buckets

Data acquisition and reporting systems

  • Envidas data acquisition software
  • Envista ARM data reporting software

Low cost particulate monitoring

  • OPTEC Environmental low cost particulate monitor MCERTS approved

Low cost ambient monitoring equipment

  • Oizom Polludrone low cost ambient air quality monitoring system

Our water quality services

  • Supply of water analysis laboratory equipment
  • Supply of online water samplers and analyzers
  • Ground and surface water sampling and analysis

Our water quality products

  • Laboratory water testing equipment
  • Online water quality analyzers
  • Flow meters
  • Water level sensors
  • Remote water monitoring stations

Optec Environmental Video

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Answer to this question – What approval does the FIDAS 200 particulate monitor have? EPA or EN?

Company Information

Optec Environmental was born from an opportunity to design and manufacture our own low cost particulate monitor, the Parmon 1025.

The Parmon particulate is based on a MCERTS optical sensor, together with our own developed software that allows you to view, plot and download your particulate data from a cloud based server.

The engineers at Optec Environmental have been in this industry for many years, specializing in the measurement, maintenance and repairs of air quality monitoring analyses.

With the establishment of Optec Environmental, we are taking this one step further. We have designed and manufactured our own, truly LOW COST particulate monitor to measure pm1, pm2.5, pm4 and pm10. Our monitor is MCERTS approved compares with the cost of dust buckets to monitor particulate matter.

Our name represents this new development in our history and literally means OPtical TEChnology.

Caring for our environment through optical technology.

Our History

Optec Environmental was founded by Johan Marx as a new company with a new direction. We are not just selling and servicing your air quality monitoring equipment anymore, we are now also manufacturing MCERTS approved analyzers ourselves.

Starting as a young engineer at Eskom in the early 1990’s, Johan’s career moved out of Eskom into the exciting field of air quality monitoring.

Representing numerous companies over the years and having undergone factory training at most of the air quality monitoring manufacturers, he has gained experience on ALL brands of air quality monitoring equipment in the market, ambient and CEMS.

With Johan at the lead, Optec Environmental now offers the complete package. We manufacture, install, maintain and repair air quality monitoring instruments and systems to cater for all your needs. We will make sure that you meet your AEL requirements as cost effectively as possible.

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