NOVA Institute

NOVA Institute (NPC)

Nova is an independent not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the quality of life of low-income households 

Our vision is a healthy household culture in Southern Africa

Our mission is to develop and promote ways (models, products, technologies, practices) to improve the quality of life of households. Nova executes its mission together with household residents and networks 

Our ten-year strategic goal is to establish Nova as institution of highest excellence in developing and promoting solutions for a healthy household culture and to take solutions to scale in Southern Africa with network partners

Our Services

  • Research and development aimed at the functional integration of modern technology into the Southern African household system, beginning with the household and not the technology
  • Designing, implementing and monitoring of Community Air Quality Offset Projects
  • Consultancy on energy usage patterns of low-income households and pro-poor GHG emission trading in the Southern African context
  • Surveys with a focus on household and community baseline and impact measurements e.g. to determine the health status of communities surrounding a mine or to do impact measurement of various types of interventions aimed at quality of life improvement
  • Development and operation of tailormade database and reporting systems suitable for community-based project implementation

Company Information

Nova executes its mission together with household residents and networks. This interaction with residents has helped us to think about development as something that cannot be given to people, but rather something that must come from them, with the right kind of guidance. The trans-disciplinary approach and Nova’s phased approach enable us to give this type of guidance as effectively as possible. Nova’s phased approach structures the way we plan and work. One of the questions we have to consider in each project is: What is our role in the struggle of low-income households to improve their quality of life? We do our work asking ourselves:

  • Am I compassionately doing what is right? (principle)
  • Am I applying justifiable scientific methods? (process)
  • Am I effective? (practice)
  • Am I delighted in my work?

With industry partners our expertise is to approach and engage communities to participate in projects that have win-win outcomes for both industry and surrounding local communities. We believe in the merits of following a results-based finance approach where project outcomes have to be monitored and evaluated against rigorous science-based targets. Nova renders services to industries related to:

  • Environmental offsetting
  • SHE compliance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Community health and quality of life
  • Absenteeism

With research institutions and specialist entities we have developed strong working relationships. We have worked with researchers from a variety of disciplines: engineering, architecture, health sciences, agriculture, plant science, economics, anthropology and psychology. With European partners there have been 14 pre-graduate students, 1 Honour’s degree student and 9 Master’s degree students from different universities who did practical work with us.

With the carbon markets Nova has successfully registered 11 projects that produces Gold Standard Voluntary Emissions Reductions (GS VERs). The Gold standard is a non-profit organisation under Swiss law that operates a certification scheme for premium quality carbon credits. We sell GS VERs in bulk to industries and corporates to offset their carbon footprint.

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